How The Banner-Adz Banner Exchange Works

Below is a brief overview of the Banner-Adz Banner Exchange, how members are generating traffic and earning real commissions form our banner exchange service.

The Banner-Adz Banner Exchange is a free service that enables members to trade banner ad views giving members banners greater exposure. The Banner-Adz Banner Exchange makes it possible for you to advertise your banner ads on a variety of web sites across the internet in exchange for displaying other members banners on your sites. We use a generous 1:1 banner exchange ratio where each valid banner impression you deliver to our exchange will earn you 1(one) banner exchange credit (only valid impressions will earn credits). If you have available credits in your account, your banners will be shown on other web sites at a rate of 1(one) banner exchange credit per impression.

Upon activation of your account we will provide you with our banner exchange code. You can either show your referral link below the banner exchange image or decide not to display the referral link at all. It would be a good idea to choose to display your referral link as it gives you the opportunity to gain referrals from your traffic. For every new member referred to the banner exchange members earn 10000 free banner exchange credits. All members have the opportunity to earn real commission from any purchase made by their direct referrals this can be cashed out once the minimum of $5 has been earned. We make payout's to PayPal & Solid Trust Pay Only.

Members are generating traffic and growing their down lines here at Banner-Adz by placing their banner exchange code in a visible area on their sites, Banner exchanges are a hot Item with countless potential referrals just waiting to find an opportunity to advertise their banners and potentially earn real commissions while doing it Register Today and start growing your Banner-Adz. Banner Exchange Down line.

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Free Account Benefits

Banner-Adz Banner Exchange Members Enjoy the following account benefits :

  • 1:1 Banner Exchange Ratio

  • Earn credits promoting your splash page

  • 10,000 credits on account activation

  • Commission on down line purchases


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