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The banner exchange we operate here at Banner-Adz is a 1:1 banner exchange, where members earn 1 banner advertising credits for every valid banner impression delivered to the banner exchange. Credits earned by banner exchange members are deposited directly into their accounts and can immediately be used to advertise their banners on the exchange. Once approved, banners will be displayed on a variety of other web sites belonging to other banner exchange members giving your web site exposure and traffic.

Getting started could not be easier, simply sign up and add our banner exchange code to your web site. Then every time someone loads your web site you will earn banner exchange credits. It Is That Easy.

Register your free banner exchange account today and receive 10000 bonus banner impressions.

Top Banner Exchanger List

The following Banner-Adz banner exchange members delivered the highest number of valid banner impressions to the banner exchange yesterday.

Free Account Benefits

Banner-Adz Banner Exchange Members Enjoy the following account benefits :

  • 1:1 Banner Exchange Ratio

  • Earn credits promoting your splash page

  • 10,000 credits on account activation

  • Commission on down line purchases


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